Danielle MacKinnon

Danielle MacKinnon is an animal communicator, intuitive, Soul Level Coach® and the best-selling author of Soul Contracts: Find Harmony and Unlock Your Brilliance and Animal Lessons: Discovering Your Spiritual Connection with Animals.
Danielle is also the creator of the Soul Level Animal Communication® method for intuitive connection with animals, in which animals give both physical and energy information to their owners that assists the owner in healing themselves as well as improving their relationship with their pet. 
One of the most influential animal communicators in the United States, Danielle is the go-to animal communication educator at many globally recognized teaching and wellness institutions. She offers a fresh yet humorous perspective on working deeply with pets, developing intuition, and spiritual growth. Her school, the Danielle MacKinnon School, has helped to make the field of animal communication more globally visible than ever. 
Danielle has devoted her life to helping people understand that the power to heal themselves lies within and is most often reflected on the outside through the unconditional love of animals.