Jan Desai


Jan Desai

Jan Desai, an entrepreneur, wife, mother, and philanthropist, is a seasoned traveler on the path of life. She has taken practically every scenic side trip possible, some breathtaking, others nightmarish. But with each destination, regardless of the duration, she has transformed in epic ways that have contributed to the incredible woman she has grown to become.

Desai writes a successful blog, “Doing Things Differently,” that is read by tens of thousands around the world. For more than four decades, she has had diverse and highly successful careers in education, public relations, marketing, investment banking, television, motivational speaking, and consulting, all dovetailing in the creation and launching of the international career of her husband, Panache Desai, as an author, transformational thought leader, visionary, and spiritual teacher.

At heart Jan Desai is a visionary who has grown to see possibilities in every outcome. She is devoted to the conscious empowerment of women to live their most authentic, passionate, joy-filled, and limitless lives. Her passion is to inspire and empower others to reclaim their dreams, live outrageously, and create the greatest life of possibilities.


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