Joel Glanzberg

Joel Glanzberg, a founding partner of Regenesis Group, is an educator in the fields of permaculture and living systems design with more than 30 years experience in watershed management, environmental restoration, habitat design, and regenerative agriculture. He has been a pioneer in regenerative development, deep community assessment as well as applying living systems thinking to projects from the personal to the community scale. 

As cofounder and director of Flowering Tree Permaculture Institute at Santa Clara Pueblo, New Mexico, Glanzberg has caught world attention. Groups from across the United States, Botswana, the Philippines, Ecuador, and Canada have attended classes and toured Flowering Tree to learn about its low cost, family-scale permanent agricultural systems. His early work establishing the site and research behind Flowering Tree Permaculture is documented in the book Gaia’s Garden and Designing for Hope.

Glanzberg was recently honored by the Center for Sustainable Environments at Northern Arizona University and the Museum of Northern Arizona for his work with the traditional crops and agriculture of the American Southwest.

Joel Glanzberg at Omega