Mark Morey

Mark Morey is a creative artist, visionary educator, cultural engineer, and executive coach who designs leadership trainings that embody timeless principles of human connection. He has founded or cofounded four transformational companies, and currently operates A Connected Leader.

Morey has designed and facilitated nature-based initiatory experiences for every age. He has facilitated more than 60 weeklong Art of Mentoring trainings internationally and has led adolescent rites of passage for more than a decade. His background includes professional development in Outward Bound, and he currently consults with start up accelerators and workshops at Google.

Inspired by the mythology of the hero’s journey and the oral history of his ancestors and native peoples around the world, Morey’s work bridges ancient and modern technologies, from the wisdom of native elders to cutting-edge methodologies of personal and organizational change.

To fulfill his mission to reconnect leaders and culture, he travels and teaches internationally and encourages people to create a deeper connection with nature to envision a better world. 

Mark Morey at Omega