Miten is well known for his collaborations with life-partner Deva Premal. The musical duo met 25 years ago at the ashram of the Indian mystic Osho and they have been touring and recording together ever since. They have released a series of acclaimed CDs, including Mantras for Life and their recent best-seller, Songs for the Sangha.

A long-time devotee of Osho, Miten shares songs, stories, and chants from his many years spent with the master. In his earlier years in London, Miten was a successful singer/songwriter, touring and opening for such bands as Fleetwood Mac, Velvet Underground, The Kinks, Ry Cooder, and Randy Newman.

What People are Saying about Miten

“Premal and Miten have a simple and clear message: In love all suffering and fear vanishes. Within the rapture of their music we are able to fall into the depths of our own hearts where love abides eternally. They are equally humble and bold as love. In their presence we are reminded of our own capacity for humility and bold love...”
—Sharon Gannon, cofounder of Jivamukti Yoga®

Miten at Omega