Sam Belyea is the owner and training director of the Foot Whisperer Reflexology Institute in Tampa, Florida, as well as the institute’s online school.

After becoming a massage therapist in 2009, Belyea took note of the especially wonderful insights and results that the feet and hands were producing during his sessions, and decided to specialize in reflexology. After becoming a Dual-Nationally Certified Reflexologist through the American Reflexology Certification Board, Belyea developed his own face and ear reflexology techniques. He also created maps to complete the four classic schools of reflexology from a Western perspective, which he has become famous for teaching.

Affectionately nicknamed “The Foot Whisperer” by his friends, family, clients, and students, Belyea published Foot Reading: A Reflexology Primer on Foot Assessment to share his acquired knowledge with the world. Soon after, he began amassing an international audience of practitioners through his Foot Reading & Reflexology Online Community group on Facebook and the Reflexology & Foot Reading podcast.

Belyea is a beloved teacher with experience in physical therapy, yoga, clinical herbalism and energy-related health modalities. He has been teaching workshops for more than a decade, and most recently has been responsible for his own 300-hour, year-long Reflexology Certification Program at the Foot Whisperer Reflexology Institute, which celebrates its fourth year in March 2018.

Belyea has held classes ranging from state convention presentations, weekend workshops, single-day classes, and co-teaching immersions across a range of topics. His wide variety of venues, class sizes, and formats give a palpable depth to the educational experience he provides.