Stewart Cubley

Stewart Cubley

Stewart Cubley is the founder of the Institute for Art & Living and coauthor of Life, Paint & Passion, Reclaiming the Magic of Spontaneous Expression. For over four decades, Stewart has pioneered a way of integrative and creative living through the practice of process painting.

His method is one of respectful questioning, inviting you to extend yourself into new areas of thought and feeling. 

Stewart Cubley has taught his unique approach to thousands of people at learning-based organizations, corporations, monasteries, prisons, and other public forums.

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What Others Are Saying About Stewart Cubley

"Through The Painting Experience, I have located crannies of resistance in my mind and opened them up. I've been freed from concepts of inadequacy, from limiting opinions of what's beautiful, from censoring emotions and desires. At one point I bolted from the workshop to finish writing a chapter that had been giving me much difficulty and was suddenly revealed as my brush stroked the paper."
—Natalie Goldberg, author of Writing Down the Bones

"Without ritual or dogma, Stewart encourages the invisible forces of the universe flowing though each of us to become visible.  His teaching points towards the transcendent, using the path of our own vital creativity."
—Hogen Bays, Abbot of Great Vow Zen Buddhist Monastery, Clatskanie, Oregon

“With Stewart’s skillful teaching and kind guidance The Painting Experience becomes a mindfulness practice in living color.  With nothing more than a brush, a piece of paper, and some paint, the challenges and joys of practice -- attachment, resistance, liking and not liking, acceptance, letting go, not knowing, curiosity, wonder, courage, concentration -- are there to behold, moment by moment.  Utterly amazing!"
—Nancy Bardacke, author of Mindful Birthing

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