Toni Bergins

Toni Bergins

Toni Bergins, MEd, is the creator and founder of JourneyDance™, a movement for spiritual practice. A certified life coach, she believes that movement has the power to transform by bringing people back in touch with their innate energy and creative wisdom.

Toni Bergins’ light sense of humor and deep authenticity makes JourneyDance™ accessible to all. She has a popular instructional CD, JourneyDance, and a line of Love Your Body, Love Your Life cards.

Bergins has been featured in Yoga magazine and FitnessRx, and spreads her joy and passion for life through creative and powerful workshops offered worldwide. She also leads a growing team of more than 200 JourneyDance™ teachers and has launched a new body of work, Lovin’ Me! Positive Transformation Programs.

What People are Saying About Toni Bergins

“What energy! What fun! What utter bliss! Toni’s work energizes and connects me to Self with a capital “S.”
—Amy Weintraub, author of Yoga For Depression

“Toni’s JourneyDance™ moves you to a freer and more organic state of being, transforming old tensions into flowing and healing energy!"
—Jonny Kest, founder of the Jonny Kest Center for Yoga

“In a downright paralyzing world of analyzing, Toni’s JourneyDance™ connects the mind, body and heart, helping us to move, express, and dance with the power of our emotions. Toni teaches us to dance with the journey of life.”
—Sierra Bender, author of Goddess to the Core

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