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Tracee Stanley

Tracee Stanley

Tracee Stanley, ERYT, is a yoga and meditation teacher with over 13 years of teaching experience. She endeavors to offer an understanding of the Tantric teachings and practices that will help people live more expansive and fulfilled lives.  She has been teaching in the Para Yoga style since 2001 when she met her teacher Yogarupa Rod Styker and was initiated by him into the Sri Vidya tradition. Known for her thoughtful and compassionate approach she offers spiritual solutions for real world problems.

She has appeared in many international magazines and is featured in Yoga journal’s Yoga as Medicine by Dr. Timothy McCall. She leads workshops, trainings and retreats internationally, including collaborating with spiritual teacher Marianne Williamson teaching yoga at her Course in Weight Loss retreats. Tracee lives with her family in Topanga California where she also produces transformational media.

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