William Keepin

Will Keepin, PhD, is president and executive director of the Satya Institute in Boulder, Colorado.

Keepin cofounded the Satyana Institute in 1996 and founded Gender Reconciliation International, which has organized more than 75 intensive gatherings in seven countries for healing and reconciliation between women and men.

A mathematical physicist with 30 scientific publications on sustainable energy and global warming to his name, Keepin presented testimony to European and Australian parliaments and the Unite States House of Representatives, and became a whistleblower in nuclear science policy.

Keepin began practicing silent meditation in 1982, trained in transpersonal psychology, and has facilitated Holotropic Breathwork since the 1990s. He leads retreats on interfaith spirituality, and is a Fellow of the Findhorn Foundation, and adjunct faculty at Holy Names University.

Keepin is author of Divine Duality: The Power of Reconciliation Between Women and Men; co-editor of Song of the Earth: The Emerging Synthesis of Scientific and Spiritual Worldviews; and coauthor of Women Healing Women.

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