workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Total kNowledge Technique


Jun 23–28, 2024


Member: $805.00

Standard: $895.00

Group of people meditating in a circle by a lake with dramatic light filtering through the trees

Access the universal knowledge you need to supercharge your life and the humans and animals you share it with.

Dr. T explains how the Total kNowledge Technique™ (TNT) can aid in transforming lives.

Total kNowledge Technique™ (TNT) is a simple, rapid, and proven method that can be learned by anyone to correct conditions affecting the body, mind, and spirit.

This TNT training condenses 25 years of Dr. T's clinical practice into five powerful days where you acquire the tools and kNowledge to transform your life and the humans and animals you share it with.

In this workshop, you:

  • Experience an upgrade in your thought process that gives you instantaneous access to the Field of Angels used for TNT healing.
  • Access a condensed form of consciousness that opens you to this omnipotent ancient field.
  • Explore the causative factors of emotional and physical decline and discover how to eliminate them using vibratory angels.
  • Learn to manifest improvements in your life exponentially by having this kNowledge and training available at your fingertips.

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Jun 23–28, 2024

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Total kNowledge Technique

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