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Vibrancy & Resilience Qigong Practice

With Steven Michael Pague • October 2-7

Speaking Up as a Leader

With Marianne Schnall, Jamia Wilson and Vanessa Valenti • October 21-23

8 Active Ingredients of Tai Chi

With Peter Wayne • October 16-21

Omega Wellness Weekend

With Tom Francescott, Kathy Fitzgerald, and Wayne Homsi • September 30-October 2

Workshops, Conferences & Retreats

The Omega Institute offers more than 350 workshops, retreats, and conferences every year. Each one is designed to inspire, educate, and connect you to new ideas and people. From large conferences to intimate workshops to professional trainings, the diversity of our programs allows us to confidently say there is something for everyone. To make it easy for you to find what you're interested in, we have organized our workshops into six different learning paths: body, mind, and spirit; health and healing; relationships and family; creative expression; leadership and work; and sustainable living.

Upcoming Workshops

09/30/2016 to 10/02/2016
Holly Shelowitz
Develop a Satisfying Relationship With Food

Every good relationship includes good listening skills. That holds true for the relationship you have with food and your body.

09/30/2016 to 10/02/2016
Laura Sniderman
Modern Technology for a Timeless Practice

This workshop has been cancelled.

What’s going on in your head when you meditate? What if you could hear what’s happening in your brain and get a gentle reminder to come back to the present when your mind wanders?

09/30/2016 to 10/02/2016
Deborah King
Healing Techniques From Other Realms

Want to attend the workshop in person? Join us on Omega's Rhinebeck campus for a deeper immersion.

10/02/2016 to 10/07/2016

For many of us, drawing seems to be a mysterious process, reserved for the few who are “talented,” but the work of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain has debunked this myth.

10/02/2016 to 10/07/2016
Timothy McCall
The Art & Science of Yoga Therapy

The workshop is part of our Yoga Therapy initiative. Learn more.



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