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Playing the Matrix

With Mike Dooley • October 21-23

Handcrafted Herbal Body-Care

With Dina Falconi • September 16-18

Journeys Beyond the Threshold

With Neil Kramer • September 23-25

Meditation for Beginners

With Bhante Wimala • September 23-25

Workshops, Conferences & Retreats

The Omega Institute offers more than 350 workshops, retreats, and conferences every year. Each one is designed to inspire, educate, and connect you to new ideas and people. From large conferences to intimate workshops to professional trainings, the diversity of our programs allows us to confidently say there is something for everyone. To make it easy for you to find what you're interested in, we have organized our workshops into six different learning paths: body, mind, and spirit; health and healing; relationships and family; creative expression; leadership and work; and sustainable living.

Upcoming Workshops

09/09/2016 to 09/11/2016
Breaking the Cycle of Pain

As human beings, we all experience situations in life that cause great pain. But we do not need to be defined by our suffering. Forgiveness allows us to become unstuck.

09/09/2016 to 09/11/2016
Deb Habib
Sharing a Life of Passion & Purpose

A loving primary relationship can inspire you to live a life filled with passion and purpose. Yet it’s not easy for relationships to stay fresh and evolve amid the demands of family, work, and society.

09/09/2016 to 09/11/2016
Kevin Griffin
Buddhism & the 12 Steps

The Buddha said craving is the cause of our suffering. Twelve Step programs work with the deepest forms of craving: our addictions. How can these two traditions work together?

09/09/2016 to 09/11/2016
Tricia McCannon

The mysteries of ancient Egypt—from enigmatic images to elusive hieroglyphics to zoomorphic gods—are vast libraries of knowledge that explain the nature of our universe and our connection to it.

09/11/2016 to 09/16/2016
Danny Dreyer
5 Mindful Steps for Lifelong Health & Energy

Transform your walking or running into a safe, mindful practice that can help you move with balance for the rest of your life.

09/11/2016 to 09/16/2016
Come Back to Your Body

This workshop has been cancelled.

The workshop is part of our Yoga Therapy initiative. Learn more.



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