Yoga Service

Our Commitment to Yoga Service

History of Yoga Service at Omega

Since the mid-1970s, yoga has increasingly become part of a healthy lifestyle. As yoga practices continue to demonstrate the capacity to heal, inspire, and improve health and well-being, there is a growing need to expand access to these transformational practices in more diverse settings.

In 2009, responding to this need, Omega invited a group of yoga teachers to talk about ways to support yoga professionals who work with underserved populations. From this initial gathering emerged the Yoga Service Council and plans to offer the first annual Yoga Service Conference at Omega in 2011.

With a shared commitment to yoga and service, Omega Institute and the Yoga Service Council formally partnered in 2014 to bring yoga into the lives of more individuals and communities who have limited access to these vital teachings. We also joined together to produce a series of Yoga Service Best Practices Guides, starting with Best Practices for Yoga in Schools, which was released in 2015.

Partners in Yoga Service

Omega’s yoga service programs continue to feature leaders in the field who bring these teachings to a broad spectrum of people—including early education teachers, health-care professionals, veterans, at-risk youth, and the elderly.