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Here’s a recap of the presenters, organizations, projects, books, and ideas from the Omega Center for Sustainable Living (OCSL) conference: Seeds of Change: Cultivating the Commons.

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Will Allen
Bio: Will Allen
Website: Growing Power
Facebook: Growing Power
Twitter: @growingpower

Will Allen [Urban Farmer] - Growing Power
Urban Agroecology: 6000 lbs of food on 1/10th acre

Robert “Skip” Backus, Omega CEO and founder of the Omega Center for Sustainable Living (OCSL)
Laura Weiland, Assistant director, Omega Center for Sustainable Living (OCSL)
Bios: Robert “Skip” BackusLaura Weiland
Website: Omega Center for Sustainable Living
Facebook: Omega Center for Sustainable Living
Twitter: @Omega_Institute@SkipBackus, @Leweiland32

Introduction to the OCSL video
"What's even greener than LEED? The Omega Center"
"Holistic at Heart: A new building on the campus of the Omega Institute performs a very practical function, but also serves the organization's loftier, pedagogical goals" 
"World's greenest buildings' get seal of approval" 
Flow: The Making of the Omega Center for Sustainable Living
Ecological Literacy Immersion Program (ELIP)

Maude Barlow
Bio: Maude Barlow
Website: The Council of Canadians
Facebook: Maude Barlow
Twitter: @maudebarlow

"Calling for a New Water Ethic"
Global Water Shortage
Blue Future
Frackopoly: The Battle for the Future of Energy and the Environment  
"Injection Wells: The Poison Beneath Us"
"28,000 rivers wiped off the map of China" 
Great Lakes could become carbon corridor, says Maude Barlow in new report 

Natasha Bowens
Bio: Natasha Bowens
Website: The Color of Food
Facebook: The Color of Food
Twitter: @browngirlfarmin

"The Color of Food: America’s Invisible Farmers"
The Color of Food

Bio: Decora
Website: Decora
Facebook: Decora Poet

"Rapper Decora Brings the Noise to Beacon"

Ken Greene
Bio: Ken Greene
Website: Hudson Valley Seed Library
Facebook: Hudson Valley Seed Library
Twitter: @seedlibrary

"We’re All Seed Savers, Even If We Don’t Know It"
"A Tour of the Hudson Valley Seed Library"
"A Seed Library for Heirloom Plants Thrives in the Hudson Valley"
Hudson Valley: Art of the Heirloom

Winona LaDuke
Bio: Winona LaDuke
Website: Honor the Earth
Facebook: Winona LaDuke Honor the Earth
Twitter: @winonaladuke

"Native Americans Launch ‘Love Water Not Oil’ Ride to Protest Fracking Pipeline"
"Northern Minnesota oil pipeline opposition led by Winona LaDuke"
"Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: The Sacred Place Where Life Begins" 

Ralph Nader
Bio: Ralph Nader
Website: Ralph Nader
Facebook: Ralph Nader
Twitter: @ralphnader

"It Takes Just One Percent of People to Change Things"
"Book Review: ‘Unstoppable’ by Ralph Nader on building a left-right alliance"
"Ralph Nader: 'The left is seized by fear and the right is driven by brass'”
The Small Community: Foundation of Democratic Life

Jalal Sabur 
Bio: Jalal Sabur
Website: Sweet Freedom Farm
Facebook: Jalal Sabur
Twitter: @sweetfreedomny

"Radical Farmers Use Fresh Food to Fight Racial Injustice and the New Jim Crow"
"A Hudson Valley Activist Brings Local Veggies to His Incarcerated Neighbors"

Vandana Shiva
Bio: Vandana Shiva
Website: Navdanya
Facebook: Navdanya
Twitter: @drvandanashiva

"Corporations Bleeding Rural India, Killing Our Farmers"
"Anna Swaraj: The only way we can rescue Indian farmers from debt and suicide"
"A soil pilgrimage"
Sir Albert Howard — The English botanist Dr. Shiva mentioned who embraced organic agriculture.
"Sir Albert Howard and the Indore Process"
An Agricultural Testament: Albert Howard 

Bio: spiritchild
Website: spiritchild
Facebook: spiritchild
Twitter: @ninoespiritu

John Todd
Bio: John Todd
Website: John Todd Ecological Design

Dr. John Todd - Founder, John Todd Ecological Design on Eco-Machines
The Final Lecture - John H Todd on Planetary Healing & Ecological Design

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