Finding Solace in Uncertain Times | Omega

Together, we are all charting new and uncertain territory. One way we can feel connected—even when we are asked to stay apart—is to gather inspiration and tools from some of our favorite teachers and artists.

  • Navigating This Lousy World

    Quiet your mind in quarantine with Pema Chödrön, whose endearing humor and wit explains how to work with your mind instead of trying to change your outer circumstances, a much-needed view for many of us facing uncertainty right now.
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    Improvising in Music & Life

    Improvising in Music & Life

    Take a break from the news and read this interview with ukulele virtuoso and Grammy-nominated multi-instrumentalist Stuart Fuchs, who says improvisation is key to good music making and our well-being. Plus, you can try a lesson with him via YouTube.
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    10 Spiritual Movies To Watch Tonight

    What To Watch Tonight

    Spending a lot more time at home? We're sharing this list of our favorite inspirational movies and hope you enjoy them as much as we do. First on the list is a documentary with the Dalai Lama, whose teachings have influenced many Omega teachers.
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    6 Ways to Cleanse & Nourish Your Mind

    Cleanse & Nourish Your Mind

    This year “spring cleaning" might take on a whole new level of meaning. Here are tips to help shift your cluttered mind to higher levels of consciousness.
  • Meeting Challenges

    Spiritual teacher Sharon Landrith encourages you to meet the challenges of the world by waking up and engaging with what moves you most. She also offers advice on how to handle difficult things happening in the world.
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    How to Start Your Memoir

    Staying Creative During Coronavirus

    If you have a personal story you’ve been wanting to share but feel unsure about getting started, here are suggestions for how to start writing.
  • Here’s to Hoping

    Author Charles Eisenstein offers his take on hope as a seed of change from his book, A More Beautiful World Is Possible, writing, "Hope shows us a destination, but a vast territory, the territory of despair, lies between it and us."