Omega Women's Leadership Center

The Omega Women’s Leadership Center (OWLC), which launched in September 2012, envisions a future in which women’s leadership advances what matters most: nurturing and mutual relationships; healthy families and communities; and a peaceful, just, and sustainable world—for everybody. As the OWLC transforms what it means to lead, we are looking for partners who share our vision of a new model of power.

Major Projects

We are deeply grateful to old and new friends who invest in Omega’s mission of hope and healing. We invite generous individuals, foundations, and corporate sponsors to support Omega to help us meet our 2015 goal of raising more than $2.35 million. Your contributions are necessary in order for us to meet our program development, outreach, and community objectives. Gifts to the Annual Fund are particularly needed to help strengthen education programs, campus facilities, and online learning initiatives.

Energy Work

Energy work is a wellness treatment where a practitioner works on your energetic field, or energy body instead of, or in addition to, your physical body. An energy work session is a unique experience that can give you a new perspective and accelerate healing on all levels.

Skin Care/Facials

Facials are a great way to feel good and keep your skin healthy and looking its best. We offer a number of facials for men and women, and for any skin type. Talk to our reservationists at 800.944.0082, to find the best facial for you today.

Planning Your Visit

A visit to the Omega Wellness Center is a great way to enhance your stay. Use the information on these pages to help plan your visit, then call 800.944.0082 for more information or make a reservation.


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