Settlement Tanks & Equalization Tanks

Step 1: Solid Settlement Tanks

Solid settlement tanks are the first step in the Eco Machine™ process at the Omega Center for Sustainable Living. From various tanks located throughout campus, wastewater flows into multiple solid settlement tanks. All solids settle out in the tanks as sludge and are injected with microorganisms to accelerate decomposition. The remaining wastewater flows out of the solid settlement tanks to the equalization tanks, step 2 of the Eco Machine™.

Step 2: Equalization Tanks

All the wastewater from the solid settlement tanks flows into the equalization tanks (one of which is pictured above), the next step in the Eco Machine™ process for natural wastewater reclamation at the OCSL. Two 6,000 gallon tanks equalize the flow of water over 24 hours. This helps balance out natural surges in water use on campus (typically in the morning and early evening), evenly releasing water to the anoxic tanks, step 3 in the Eco Machine™ process.

Without the equalization tanks, the Eco Machine™, and the Omega Center for Sustainable Living, would need to have been designed and built at a much larger scale. By using equalization tanks, we were able to build the smallest facility possible, greatly reducing the carbon footprint of the Omega Center for Sustainable Living.