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March 29, 2021

Finding Joy in the Middle of the Fire

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Featuring T. Morgan Dixon, Vanessa Garrison, Jeanine T. Abraham, and Carla Goldstein

Black women in the US and around the world are leading in catalytic ways to reclaim, restore, reimagine, and rewrite the human journey―for everyone.

In this Omega Conversation with the cofounders of GirlTrek, T. Morgan Dixon and Vanessa Garrison, moderated by Omega president Carla Goldstein, we explored what it takes to heal generational trauma, commit to radical rest, restore ancestral lines, unlearn the bounds of patriarchy and structural racism, and build a joyful, spiritually connected way forward. T. Morgan and Vanessa shared what they've learned from mobilizing over one million African-American women and girls into a civil-rights inspired health movement.

As part of the event, Conscious Dance facilitator Jeanine T. Abraham led us in a joyful rhythm-based practice.