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Breaking Old Agreements - Livestream

The Toltec Path to Freedom


Sep 6–8, 2024


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Join the Ruiz brothers on a life-changing spiritual journey in this livestream workshop and maintain strength and faithful love using Toltec wisdom.

Don Jose Ruiz explains the second agreement, don't take anything personally.

For centuries, Toltec shamans of Mexico used the art of storytelling to share the gift of awareness with the next generations of Toltecs.

Join Toltec masters don Miguel and don Jose in this workshop streamed live from Omega’s campus to explore the deep meaning and value of these ancient stories, how they apply to modern life, and how the Toltec path has changed their lives.

In this powerful experience you learn to:

  • Go beyond your fears
  • Become aware of life's infinite possibilities
  • Gain awareness of how your attachments create your reality and expression of love
  • Define yourself and stop basing your identity on the opinions and judgments of others

Come with an open heart as these Toltec masters lead the workshop with their wisdom and use exercises to bring the material to life.

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Workshop online

Sep 6–8, 2024

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Breaking Old Agreements

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  • Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

    Don Miguel Ruiz Jr., is an author, nagual (shaman), and a Toltec master of transformation.

  • Don Jose Ruiz

    Don Jose Ruiz is an author, a Toltec master of transformation, and modern-day shaman.