workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Creating Mindful Movement Classes for People With Parkinson's Disease

A Professional Training


Jul 26–28, 2024


Member: $310.00

Standard: $345.00

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Transform your teaching style to make it informative and inclusive for people living with PD and related disorders in your community.

Watch one of Char Grossman's mindful movement classes, designed for people living with the effects of Parkinson's disease.

As many as 1 million Americans have been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease (PD), a chronic illness both progressive in nature and without a cure. During this weekend professional training, you are invited to join a community of like-minded people to gain tangible, adaptive, therapeutic yoga tools that increase the well-being of those living with PD and other movement disorders.

Discover an integrated and highly specialized system of individualized adaptive yoga movements through educational modules that promote awareness of movement, choice in action, and mind/body connection.

Through hands-on experiences, breathwork, discussions, lectures, small group interventions, asana practice, and brain games, you learn to:

  • Deepen your understanding of PD and how it impacts those living with it
  • Recognize how motor and non-motor symptoms affect people with PD
  • Explore the positive mind-body effects of neuroplasticity and asana life skills
  • Teach breathwork and mindful stress management techniques
  • Develop skillful language to be utilized during instruction, discussion, and practice
  • Practice individualized adaptive therapeutic asanas
  • Incorporate brain games and music
  • Create skills while teaching safety and prevention techniques
  • Comprehend the care partner's role
  • Appreciate how Mindful Movement practice improves skills on and off the mat

Return home ready to launch Mindful Movement classes for those living with PD and other movement disorders in your community.

Certified yoga therapists, yoga teachers, healthcare providers, fitness coaches, care partners, and others who have an interest are all welcome. Prior yoga experience is not necessary.

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Jul 26–28, 2024

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Creating Mindful Movement Classes for People With Parkinson’s Disease

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    Char Grossman

    Char Grossman, founder of YogaReach®LLC, is an educational psychologist and yoga therapist.