workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Mixed Media Drawing

With Jane Davies.

Aug 25–30, 2024


Member: $445.00

Standard: $495.00

Jane Davies artwork

Move beyond intimidation to make friends with drawing and explore new ways of expressing yourself with visual artist Jane Davies.

Jane Davies shares a practice for layered improvisational drawing that she uses to relax into the process of making images.

Free your creative spirit and discover practices that take the intimidation factor out of drawing. Find out what happens if you draw without looking at your paper, use a tool you can’t control, draw over collage, with thread, without a subject, inside and outside the lines. Through these exercises and more, you make friends with drawing and explore new ways of expressing yourself.

Using an expanded interpretation of "drawing", we use paint and collage, as well as drawing tools, to create abstract and representational images. If you are a painter, collage artist, mixed media artist, or even if drawing is your main medium, this workshop gives you tools to move through the places where you get stuck.

This workshop is for moderate to advanced artists; brave beginners are welcome, though it’s best to become comfortable with your materials in advance.

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Enrollment is limited for this program; register early.

Things to Bring

Faculty has provided the following list of art supplies for you to bring to the course:

  • A sketchbook of your choice, whatever size you like (this is for homework)
  • Loose drawing paper, 9"x12" or similar
  • Drawing materials:
    • Paint markers
    • Water soluble crayons (Caran d'Ache Neocolor II are Faculty suggested)
    • Pencils
    • Graphite
    • Oil pastels (if you have good ones, bring them)
    • Colored pencils if you have them
    • Soft pastels
    • Other materials you like to use
    • Acrylic Paint: bring all your colors
  • Brushes - a variety of your choice
  • Palette (Faculty uses a disposable palette, but bring what you are comfortable with)
  • Collage papers*
  • Squeegee or wide 'color shaper', or an expired credit card in a pinch - this is for collage.
  • Large glue stick or several small ones. Faculty uses UHU.
  • Acrylic matte medium or soft gel matte
  • Soft rubber brayer, 2" or 3" wide; NOT a foam roller or a hard brayer

Faculty will supply the following items:

  • Cheap drawing paper (you do need to bring your own, though)
  • Some cheap oil pastels to share (again, do bring your own)
  • Fixative to share (it is optional whether to use it or not)
  • Akua etching ink for making transfer paper
  • Newsprint
  • Some collage paper to share

*Collage material may include: your own painted papers, including solid colors; ephemera; papers you have purchased (don't purchase them for this class, use up materials that you already have); magazine bits, paper shopping bags; used gift wrap, printed text in various sizes. The key is variety. You may include some fabric scraps as well if you have them, and discarded works on canvas (cut the canvas of the stretcher).

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Aug 25–30, 2024

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Mixed Media Drawing

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  • Jane Davies

    Jane Davies is a full-time artist working in callage, paint, and encaustics. She is author of three...