workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Awaken the Stories Within

A Narrative Healing Retreat

With Lisa Weinert.

Jul 7–9, 2023


Member: $335.00

Standard: $375.00

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Join Narrative Healing founder Lisa Weinert for a nourishing, inspiring, holistic approach to awakening the healing power of your story.

Lisa Weinert talks about the process of awakening the healing power of your story.

Awaken the healing power of your story with Narrative Healing™, guided by founder Lisa Weinert and guest writers, teachers, and healers.

The first holistic creative program of its kind to incorporate ancient mindfulness and embodiment practices with creative storytelling prompts, Narrative Healing will enhance how you listen to, create, and share stories.

Join Lisa for a nourishing, inspiring, holistic approach to awakening the healing power of your story.

The healing power of sharing your story is not based on literary merit, nationality, race, class, gender, or physical or mental ability. It goes much deeper. Our bodies hold our stories in the same way we need to sweat, eliminate, or exhale to be healthy. Together, make space for the healing capacity of the stories within and around you.

Through embodied practices such as gentle movement and meditation, creative prompts, as well as listening circles and moderated conversations, Lisa offers a rich, integrated way to dive into Narrative Healing principles so you can bring this work into your home, your classroom, your office, your community, and the world beyond.

Guided by Lisa and her group of luminary writers, healers, and spiritual leaders, you:

  • Understand the fundamental ideas of Narrative Healing—and how these ideas can increase healings across the board
  • Practice the art and science of expressive writing and compassionate listening; learning how to lead groups and individuals through narrative healing practices
  • Witness the power of beautiful language to transform, inspire, and uplift
  • Understand narrative techniques, including close reading skills, and compassionate listening
  • Practice yoga for writers; sequences to strengthen and protect the writing body, along with breathing exercises
  • Understand how to launch your work into the world
  • Harness the power of community for personal growth and social change and discover a new circle of support around writing and creating
  • Practice transformative self-care

This program is for anyone with an open heart and willing mind who is also either on a healing path or in search of new ways to tap into their creative voice. Improve your leadership and communication capabilities, realize your own and others' potential for well-being and success, or use narrative storytelling to spark social change. This includes writers, teachers, caregivers, doctors, nurses, and therapists, and anyone interested in using the power of their story.

Things to Bring

Bring a notebook or journal with you to the course.

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Jul 7–9, 2023

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Awaken the Stories Within

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    Lisa Weinert is a writer, teacher, speaker, and yoga therapist who founded The Narrative Healing...