workshop Rhinebeck, NY

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Lessons on Digital Balance From a Former Wellness Influencer

With Lee Tilghman.

Sep 13–15, 2024


Member: $360.00

Standard: $400.00

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Join a supportive community and gain a refreshed perspective on social media engagement with former influencer Lee Tilghman.

Lee Tilghman discusses her experiences as social media wellness influencer and her reasons for giving up that lifestyle.

Reimagine your relationship to social media with former wellness influencer Lee Tilghman, previously known as Lee From America.

Informed by Lee's shift from digital fame to offline clarity, you dive deep into the nuances of digital life, discuss social media's deceptive charm, and learn to develop your own offline practice for wider perspective and greater digital intention.

Lee's unique stance offers a balanced approach, not total disconnection. If you're seeking digital balance, feeling online connection but offline isolation, or needing a reset, this retreat promises a supportive community and a refreshed perspective on how we interact with social media.

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All sessions of this workshop are phone-free. For full immersion, participants are asked to switch to Do Not Disturb and Airplane Mode.

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Sep 13–15, 2024

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    Lee Tilghman

    Lee Tilghman is a writer, creator, and speaker whose work is rooted in authenticity, self-discovery...