workshop Rhinebeck, NY

From Suffering to Salvation


Jul 26–28, 2024


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Discover your invincible sense of purpose and potential, and embark on a journey from pain to peace with spiritual thought leader Panache Desai.

Panache Desai shares why embracing every facet of yourself holds the keys to love, freedom, and authentic self-acceptance.

To be human is to experience some form of hardship, trauma, or adversity. An unwillingness to accept the experience and move through it prolongs that suffering.

Over decades, Panache Desai has grown a global following by empowering people to meet suffering and hardship, not through spirituality, but through the realization that being human is the most spiritual thing of all.

Through his gift of vibrational transformation, Panache energetically supports you to meet what’s unfolding and embrace the truth that within you is the capacity to be safe, secure, and empowered in yourself.

Through lecture, discussion, meditation, vibrational sessions, and question-and-answer forums, Panache uses humor, empathy, wisdom, and vibrational expansion to teach his method of returning to your authentic self.

You learn how to:

  • Accept your emotions and soften into your fear and insecurities
  • Let go of the false stories, beliefs, and baggage you’ve used to invalidate your greatness

Life is messy, relationships end, jobs fall away, loved ones die, world events spiral. Your willingness to be vulnerable, authentic, and available to what is unfolding invites you to uncover the gift that your life is. Your salvation comes from your freedom to be you.

This workshop is available both in-person and via livestream. Learn more and register for the online event. Please be aware that our digital team will be present during the event to record and facilitate this session live online. If you do not wish to be captured on camera, please let an Omega team member know at the start of the workshop. 

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Jul 26–28, 2024

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From Suffering to Salvation

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    Panache Desai

    Panache Desai, author of Discovering Your Soul Signature, is a transformational thought leader.