Manuela Roosevelt

Manuela Roosevelt

Born in Bern, Switzerland, Manuela Roosevelt has dual Swiss and Spanish citizenship, and speaks English, Italian, Spanish, Catalan, and French fluently. She has lived in Switzerland, Italy, Spain, India, the United Kingdom, and the United States. She currently resides in Pleasant Valley, New York, with her husband and two young daughters and divides her time between the United States and Europe.

In 1987, she started Labyrinth Publishing AG, a Swiss-based book packaging company that became one of the primary book creation houses in Europe. In 1992, the company moved its headquarters to London, where it acquired other small publishing companies under the umbrella of the Labyrinth Group Plc. Manuela Roosevelt became editorial director for the group, running both adult trade as well as a children’s division. In 1998, she moved to the United States, where she formed a small book creation house called Book Laboratory that was responsible for illustration and publication of such multi-million-copy best sellers as The Illustrated Brief History of Time and The Universe in a Nutshell (translated into 31 languages).

Throughout her publishing career, Manuela Roosevelt has overseen the publication of more than 300 illustrated non-fiction titles in the subjects of science, history, biography, current affairs, art history, and gift titles. She also has authored eight books, all of which have been published in several languages.

In April 2012, Manuela Roosevelt and three founding partners launched Springwood Media, a producer of leading-edge interactive digital academic learning environments for undergraduate and graduate courses.

In addition to serving on Omega's board of directors, Manuela Roosevelt currently serves as chair of the board of the Eleanor Roosevelt Val-Kill Partnership, and is on the advisory board of Sanghata Global.