workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Yin Yoga Teacher Training Module 1

Taoism, Anatomy & the Somatic Meditation of Stillness


Oct 20–25, 2024


Member: $390.00

Standard: $435.00

Yin Yoga faculty in yoga practice

Embrace the principles of Yin Yoga and learn to incorporate yin postures into any yoga teaching or practice with Biff Mithoefer and Eric Archer.

Eric Archer outlines the components of the first module of Yin Yoga training.

This 5-day (all-levels) training offers a thorough exploration of the principles, practice, and effects of Yin Yoga on one's body, mind, emotions, energy, and sense of self-connection.

Yin Yoga uses long-held postures that access the deeper, more yin parts of ourselves; inviting us to embrace what has true heart and meaning in our lives through insight and practice.

Teaching is explored as we take turns leading each other through the postures; incorporating poetry, stories, and music as desired; supporting each other in building our confidence and fluidity as Yin Yoga instructors. Additionally, we learn ways to incorporate yin postures and philosophy into any yoga teaching or practice.

We also explore how touch, and the practice of Thai yoga massage, can act as a beautiful complement to the slow and somatic meditation of Yin Yoga.

Together we:

  • Explore the practice of non-striving and how it influences our lives and teachings
  • Learn about the movement of qi (or prana) in the body and how it can be affected by Yin Yoga practice
  • Develop our understanding of postures and sequencing
  • Delve into the teachings of Taoist philosophy
  • Gain a true understanding of what it means to hold a safe, sacred space for a Yin Yoga practice
  • Begin to explore the stories held in our bodies with the support of spoken poetry, live music, and the practice of storytelling

More Information

Enrollment is limited for this program; register early. This training begins Sunday at 7:30 p.m.

The training will consist of a minimum of 45 contact hours at Omega and 5 non-contact hours to be completed after the workshop. The non-contact hours must be completed within 30 days and will consist of an emailed copy of your journal of experiences with yin yoga teaching or practice. Details of this will be discussed during the training. Those who complete the 50 hours will receive a certificate of completion. This training is part of a nonsequential professional certification program, meets Yoga Alliance criteria, and is also considered as part of the 500 hour training at a number of Yoga institutes in the U.S and internationally. For more information please contact Biff at

Before the training, please familiarize yourself with the following books:

  • Yin Yoga: Principles and Practice by Paul Grilley
  • The Yin Yoga Kit: The Practice of Quiet Power by Biff Mithoefer
  • The Therapeutic Yoga Kit: Sixteen Postures for Self-Healing Through Quiet Yin Awareness by Cheri Clampett and Biff Mithoefer

Things to Bring

Bring a journal to record your experiences during the practice.

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Oct 20–25, 2024

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Yin Yoga Teacher Training Module 1

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  • Biff Mithoefer

    Biff Mithoefer teaches Yin Yoga throughout the United States and internationally.

  • Omega faculty Eric Archer

    Eric Archer

    Eric Archer is a teacher, musician, and artist whose work spans mediums and disciplines.