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Can you leave your past in the past and imagine a new identity? Best-selling author and life coach, Tama Kieves explains why wild success demands liberation from the old self-image that no longer serves you.

Many of my clients believe in wild success, but also secretly and subconsciously whisk it off their doorstep. They believe in struggle, limits, failures, intense competition, “reality,” and most of all, a secret shame inside that gains momentum and validation with every passing year. Wild success will demand wild liberation. It means stepping outside your worldview, your childhood, your neighborhood, the way things have been going, and receiving what the Universe wants to give you. Wild success often asks you to die to your past. It’s a conversion experience. Because only a new person gets new results.

True potential is not a matter of the genes that float in our bloodstream or the dominant atmosphere of our childhoods or of being tall and blonde. It’s not a matter of nature versus nurture. It’s about being a force of nature, a cosmic extension of intelligence, will, drive, and a tsunami of light and genius. That generosity is always available.

So this is the work. Can you allow yourself to open to more peace and abundance than you have ever known? Can you leave your past in the past? Can you behold a new identity within you? Lord Buddha left his former life behind him. Jesus communed in the temple, then said to his mother something like, I no longer recognize you as my rule of thumb. He said that to a Jewish mother in Israel, mind you, which just tells you right there—he was either on acid or backed by divine immunity. He didn’t trash his past or analyze its effect with a shrink putting three kids through medical school. He simply acknowledged his true identity, one that had always been there, the child of an Infinite Stream of Grace.

Real healing will always look the same. It’s the coming back to wholeness and openness, no matter what’s happened in your life. It doesn’t matter how you get there, whether you believe in the love of Spirit, the redemption of the good red earth, or the work of a resourceful healer. It may take time, lots of it. But whenever you’re ready, do open up to the goodness that surrounds you, tingles in your cells, and enhances your every breath. Do come back to your natural birthright, your own mysterious power. Do claim the identity of your essence more than the identity of your circumstance.

One Fourth of July, I decided to align with my new identity and I wrote myself “A True Declaration of Independence for the Free Soul” because I was breaking away from the oppressive nation of my old woundedness. I invite you to join me in this declaration:


“I want to break free from holding back my power. I no longer want to live with only my low-beams on. I want to shine so unequivocally that others decide to abandon their own shadow choices. I want to break away from the undermining thinking of the ‘realistic’ world—and choose some independent thinking, some firecracker, celebrating, birth-giving thoughts.

As of this very second, I allow myself to be blessed. I allow myself to be uncorked, unabashed, and showered with delicious good in every facet of my life.

I don’t need to fit in anymore in the world of struggling, suffering, complaining, belittling… I am willing to have things be easeful and brimming with sheer wonder, and I am willing to deserve this. None of us deserve this. That’s why it’s grace. It’s not about deserving. It’s about allowing Spirit to love and give to us.

Spirit, I am willing to allow you to give to me now. My work here doesn’t have to be oppressive. I don’t have to plod uphill anymore, dimming my song, or accepting crumbs and crusts and bowing my head. I can keep my heart wide open and parade through wide-open doors in a welcoming world. I believe you want every golden circumstance for me. I believe you want me to experience more fun, jubilance, connection, generosity, nurturance, and synchronicity than ever before. I believe you want me to know your nature, and your nature is not one of limitation or punishment or lack of any kind. I believe there are doorways to your kindness that I haven’t opened yet…I am willing now to let go of the familiar and invite your unimaginable love to heal me.

I am willing to let go of what I think is possible or right or worldly or to be expected—and I am willing to allow you to rampage through me, dance through me, breathe through me…dream through me. I am willing to co-create with you and I am now willing to no longer limit your power with silly, tired thoughts about my own. I am no longer willing to shape your destiny by crunching mine into a little ball of stunted possibilities.

Finally, I am willing to allow myself to be cherished and loved and nourished wherever I go and in whatever I do and it’s not too much to ask for…because there are so many dimensions of goodness and promise that I have yet to experience. The more I allow myself to receive—the more I can open up to receiving and giving my true love to this world as I have never given it before.”

Remember, this takes practice. I’ve opened up to extraordinary possibilities because I wanted extraordinary results. It has felt awkward and naïve and rosily impossible sometimes. Other times, it has felt clear, unsentimental, and obvious. As I let go of old self-images that no longer serve me, the truth is just there. True power is waiting to rush in.

What self-images do you cling to that block your way? Retire them with love, retire them with glee, and dip them in the river of reclamation and present time. Believe in your spirit more than your ghosts. A cracked vase won’t ever hold water. Dare to see yourself as whole and as infinitely loved. Wild success comes to the wildly beloved.

Excerpted from Inspired & Unstoppable by Tama Kieves. Copyright © 2012 by Tarcher.

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