April 23, 2020

Choosing Resilience in Traumatic Times

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By Elizabeth Lesser and Loung Ung

COVID-19 has blown into our lives quickly and upset every aspect of normalcy. At Omega, we've been wondering, “Who can guide us in emerging from such deep trauma?” The first person who came to mind is Loung Ung, survivor of the Cambodian genocide, and author of the best-selling memoir, First They Killed My Father. 

Join Loung Ung and Omega cofounder Elizabeth Lesser for a conversation about what it takes to choose resilience, even as we allow ourselves to have our moments of freaking out and grieving for who and what is being lost.

Their rich conversation includes a short 5-minute meditation practice with Elizabeth (jump to 31:18) helping to "fan the flame of resilence," and Loung describes a 4-part exercise she created to neutralize inner turmoil, ROAR: React, Organize, Adapt, Rest & rewrite the narrative (jump to 44:00). Don't miss the question-and-answer session at the end with Loung's perspective on the purpose of grief.