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A Movement Retreat for Writers


Sep 20–22, 2024


Member: $355.00

Standard: $395.00

Woman writing while sitting on a yoga mat

Discover how movement can support your body, energize your writing, and feed your creative process in this inspiring writing workshop.

Katy Bowman models how to use a dynamic workspace.

Writing is a physical activity that bends the body into a particular and occasionally painful shape. Some aspects of that shape may be nonnegotiable—eyes on a page, hands gripping a pen, or curled atop a keyboard—but others are not. You can choose writing positions that better support your shoulders, spine, hips, and more—and find creative ways to infuse movement into your non-writing time.

This energizing and inspiring workshop guides you through simple steps toward creating a more dynamic writing practice and intentionally using movement to nourish your body and creativity at the same time. Discover how dynamic writing releases your creative energy and reveals new insights, as you pair physical exercises with short writing exercises to connect mind, body, and story.

This retreat is designed for anyone who writes or loves the written word; all experience levels are welcome.

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Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Sep 20–22, 2024

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  • Katy Bowman

    Katy Bowman

    Katy Bowman, MS, is a biomechanist, best-selling author, speaker, and a leader in the Movement...

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    Sarah Selecky

    Sarah Selecky is a critically acclaimed author, creative writing teacher, and mentor.