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Tools for Mindful Living


Jul 9–14, 2023


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Explore your relationship with body, mind, heart, and others in this Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction retreat.

Florence Meleo-Meyer offers advice on how to engage in a formal mindfulness practice, but also notes how informal practice builds strength.

The challenges of our times call on reserves of wisdom, courage, and resilience. We need to consciously and regularly replenish these reserves. Taking time to practice mindfulness is one very potent way to gather energy, clarity, and strength.

Tools for Mindful Living offers an opportunity to engage with daily mindfulness meditation, cultivate compassion, and learn to identify and address root causes of stress and how this manifests in daily life. We will share the good company of others as we explore ways of being proactive about the quality of our lives. These days offer a refuge to know and befriend what is deepest and most alive in each of us and in one another.

In the retreat-like format of this program, grounded in a continuity of mindfulness practice, mutual respect, and exploration, participants contribute to a learning community that supports introspection and the cultivation of wisdom. There is time and space to inquire, reflect, and come close to ourselves in ways that allow for learning, insight, and healing.

Mindfulness is an innate resource in all human beings that is often overlooked. This program offers intentional, step-by-step guidance to cultivate strength and familiarity with this human birthright of awareness, naturalness, openness, and warmth. Through the practices of MBSR, you will have the opportunity to explore your relationship with the body, mind, heart, and with one another in an environment rich in curiosity and engagement.

Based on the world-renowned Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course, this 5-day, residential program invites inner exploration as we investigate and experience the practice of mindfulness and its potential to impact the quality of one's life. This program includes:

  • Full introduction and guidance of the formal MBSR meditation practices
  • Introduction and explication of the science and mechanisms of mindfulness
  • Exploration into how perception and conditioning shape how we experience the world, and how mindfulness can begin to uncouple automatic, habitual reactivity for clearer seeing and more creative responding
  • Tools for deeper listening—to ourselves and others
  • Methods and applications for bringing brief, informal mindfulness practices through the day to rebalance oneself emotionally, mentally, and physically

Tools for Mindful Living is a unique opportunity for those who may not have access to an 8-week MBSR class. The program is also appropriate for those who want to deepen or reinvigorate their mindfulness meditation practice and for health professionals who wish to apply mindfulness in their work with others.

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Workshop begins Sunday at 7:30 p.m.

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Jul 9–14, 2023

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Tools for Mindful Living

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  • Florence Meleo-Meyer

    Florence Meleo-Meyer, MS, MA, LMFT has been a student and practitioner of meditation and...